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Post by xshanex on Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:35 pm

Note: While the basics of these sheet are required for characters, this sheet is not set in stone. If you have another category you wish to add (i.e. "Love Interest(s)" or something like that), feel free to add it!

Race / Species:
Alignment: Paragon / Neutral aka "Paragade" / Renegade.
Allegiance: What entities does your character work for / with, if any? For example, Commander Shepard has allegiances with The Alliance, The Citadel Council, and The Spectres.

Appearance: The physical look of your character. Everything from hair, eye, and skin color, to the style and color of clothing / armor and beyond. If it can be seen on your character, it'll appear here.

Personality: Your character's mindset and overall, well, "character".

Class: Your character's trained class (example: Soldier, Infiltrator, Adept, etc.)

Weapon Proficiency: (Shotguns, Pistols (Heavy Pistols), Assault Rifles, SMGs (Machine Pistols), Sniper Rifles) Allowed 2, with exception to 1 heavy weapon if wished. Can be switch if desired.


Heavy Weapon (optional):

Grenade: Type of grenade the character has, if any.

Omni-Blade (optional): The melee weapon-variation of the omni-tool. Everyone can have one, and they can appear in various forms. If your character doesn't run the basic omni-blade, describe it here.

Powers: combat powers / moves of the character. Up to five allowed. Note: Your character's class does play into the powers you can choose from, but if there exists a power you believe could work with the character (an engineer utilizing a wrist-mounted flamethrower or a Batarian net launcher), it can be arranged. Also, some character traits can be listed as powers (for example, the Krogan Bloodrage)






Talents: The various abilities and skills your character possesses that don't involve combat, at least not directly. Is your character a ship mechanic? Are they exceptionally athletic? Write each skill and a little description of them here. There's no limit, but keep things reasonable.

History: The background of your character up until their entrance into the story. This doesn't have to be very long or detailed, but developed backgrounds for each character gives them more of a personality and also allows the other players to learn your character a little better. Also, it helps with developing storylines specifically for them!

Items in Possession: Any items your character has in their possession. You don't to include every credit or bullet in this section, but if there are significant items to your character, make note of them here.

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