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Submachine Guns (SMGs) are a class of rapid-firing weapons, with both fully-automatic and burst-fire models. SMGs generally have low accuracy and damage per shot, offset by their thermal clip size and rate of fire. They are best suited for close- to mid-range combat.

Submachine guns are good choices for power-dependent classes. These lightweight weapons can deal out high rates of fire at the cost of low accuracy and stopping power. As a rule, Submachine guns are weak weapons but they have some extremely good mods, making the weapons very light and able to easily overwhelm an opponent with rapid-fire alone.

SMG Models

Blood Pack Punisher
Manufacturer: Blood Pack
Fire Mode: Automatic
Default ammo: 40 shots per clip
The Punisher features a secondary barrel that fires one armor-piercing round per main-barrel burst. It was developed by Blood Pack gunsmiths who found that their vorcha recruits frequently forgot to optimize ammo loads in the heat of combat. This configuration makes the process automatic and highly effective at penetrating armor.

M-4 Shuriken
Manufacturer: Elkoss Combine
Fire Mode: Six-round burst
Default ammo: 36 shots per clip
A common but effective submachine gun. Fires three-round bursts, and can be pulsed for a higher rate of fire at the expense of accuracy. Very effective against shields and biotic barriers. As kinetic barriers have grown in popularity, so has the popularity of submachine guns. Manufactured by the Elkoss Combine, the Shuriken Machine Pistol has a reputation for being deadly and easy to use, but is weak against armor.

M-9 Tempest
Manufacturer: Elanus Risk Control Services
Fire Mode: Automatic
Default ammo: 50 shots per clip
This submachine gun fires in long deadly bursts. Very effective against shields and biotic barriers. Weak against armor. Produced by Elanus Risk Control Services for the Eclipse mercenary band, the Tempest is an expensive but deadly addition to anyone's personal arsenal. This fully automatic submachine gun is punishing up close, but becomes less accurate at long range.

M-12 Locust
Manufacturer: Kassa Fabrication
Fire Mode: Automatic
Default ammo: 20 shots per clip
The Kassa Fabrications Model-12 Locust is a compact submachine gun developed for the Alliance but now favored by gang enforcers and hit men. Featuring a complex recoil-reducing mechanism and high-grade auto-targeting software, the Locust delivers longer range, more accurate fire than others in its class.

M-25 Hornet
Manufacturer: Cerberus
Fire Mode: Three-round burst
Default ammo: 24 shots per clip
The M-25 Hornet is a long-range submachine gun created by Cerberus. It is standard issue for Cerberus troops, who are trained to handle the recoil from the gun's three-round bursts. Cerberus designed the Hornet to conserve ammunition and provide cover-fire during prolonged conflicts.

N7 Hurricane
Manufacturer: Systems Alliance N7 Program
Fire Mode: Automatic
Default ammo: 40 shots per clip
While some militaries pass on the Hurricane because of its lower accuracy, the Alliance feels the gun's rapid firing rate offers excellent suppressive fire. A disciplined marksman can use the fully automatic submachine gun to chew through targets with alarming speed. Alliance officers were so pleased with field results that the Hurricane is now many squadrons' standard-issue SMG.

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