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Grenades - Weapon Information Empty Grenades - Weapon Information

Post by xshanex on Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:30 pm

"Grenades" serves as a shortened term for "Grenade Powers" which are a secondary weapon power ranging from actual thrown grenades to stimulant packs and repair devices. Most grenades are lobbed like traditional grenades when used by the player. Some grenade powers are also fired as offensive projectiles or primed from the omni-tool to augment personal defenses. Unlike other combat powers and techniques, grenade powers require no prep or recharge time. They're instant and can be used until the ammo for said grenade power runs dry.

Arc Grenade - Stun and electrocute your enemies with an EMP-packed grenade.

Armor-Piercing Arrows - Armor-piercing charges increases damage and the number of arrows fired simultaneously (Omni-Bow Required).

Cain Trip Mine - Attaches a C4 proximity explosive to any surface.

Cluster Grenade - Lob this biotic grenade cluster at your enemies and watch them fly.

Concussive Arrows - Concussive charges increases impact force and knocks down unarmored enemies (Omni-Bow Required).

Frag Grenade - Rip your enemies apart with this shrapnel-packed grenade.

Homing Grenade - Launch this seeking grenade to track down a target, causing a massive explosion on impact.

Inferno Grenade - Cluster-bomb a small area with incendiary munitions.

Lift Grenade - Throw this grenade into a group of enemies to send them flying.

Multi-Frag Grenade - Launch multiple frag grenades via upgraded battlesuit gauntlet .

Nightshade Blades - Launch a short-range volley of venom tipped blades to paralyze non-shielded targets.

Repair Matrix - Reinforce armor with metal-repelling Foucault currents to increase movement speed, decrease damage taken, and to regenerate shields for a short duration.

Sticky Grenade - Stick this grenade to your opponent, and the explosion will tear apart the target and shrapnel will damage other enemies caught in the blast.

Stimulant Pack - A specially designed ops survival pack that temporarily increases survivability and all damage output.

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