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Name: Barlas Dol
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race / Species: Volus
Height: 1'10''
Weight: 100 lbs
Alignment: Neutral, slight lean towards Renegade
Allegiance: Criminal Underworld, Devlon Industries (investments), various organizations he has his credits invested in. Loose ties to the Blood Pack and has a good deal of guns-for-hire under his payroll.

Appearance: As is typical with all Volus, Barlas needs to wear his armor at all times. Enhanced Volus armor, black and grey in color. Modified to work better with him while he cloaks while simultaneously giving him slightly boosted shields to protect him. Also has a modified breather that goes silent when he is cloaked.

Personality: Barlas is business oriented, to the point where he will do what it takes to make any type of credits. Willing to break arms through his hired muscle and always feels the need to be in control, leading him to have a quasi spy network, largely aided with his investments in the right companies to give him the proper materials to fund a small network. Due to his investments, Barlas must also keep a businessman persona in the public eye. Widely known in many official dealings, but his criminal doings are lesser known to the public eye. Nowhere near to the same capacity as the Shadow Broker, but it's fairly impressive. Not completely afraid of a firefight, but prefers to avoid it if possible. Handles his own with a sniper rifle and cloaking device.

Class: Infiltrator

Weapon Proficiency:

1 Sniper Rifle

Omni-Blade (optional): Basic Omni-knife.


1 Tactical Cloak

2 Sabotage

3 Cryo Blast

4 Snap Freeze

5 Disruptor Ammo


Merchant of Irune - Barlas was raised on the Volus' credit-oriented lifestyle. He has been trained to seek out the best of deals and it has led to him having an impressive ability to influence others in conversations and get what he wants.

Criminal Mastermind - Barlas has spent a great deal of his time in the criminal underworld and thus has an almost innate ability to navigate through it and reach the contacts he needs to further his business ventures.

Tactician - Through the use of his spies and his cloaking device, Barlas has honed his ability in recon and intel, leading him to develop a heightened sense of tactics to get the best desired income for himself.

Poker Face - An advantage of being confined in armor at all times is an almost inability for others to tell if Barlas is lying. He is also of sounder willpower and a master of speech, making him able to lie with ease and disguise his lies with even greater ease.


Barlas Dol lives and breathes credits. Leaving Irune at a relatively early age to pursue the ever elusive Volus dream of endless riches, Barlas set his sights to Omega. Accompanying him were two other Volus companions that would help him get his footing. His footing was held fairly fast due to his charismatic ability in swaying people to agree with him. He started out as a loan shark, one of the easiest and most overlooked ways at earning credits.

In time, Barlas gained notoriety and the attention from various, minor gangs. The most notable of these to take notice was the Omega Bite, a relatively impressive, yet minor gang run by a Salarian named Ragol Nertan. After receiving minor threats from the Bite, Barlas hired two Krogan bodyguards and a Drell assassin. Barlas utilized the Drell to monitor the Bite from afar.

It is in his spying that Barlas discovered a massive, final attack from the Bite due to Barlas' reluctance to stop his work. Heading the attack was Arseg, a notorious pyromaniac Vorcha that burned everything in his path. Unbeknownst to the attackers, Barlas allowed them a good portion of them to come through. In the final confrontation, Barlas bought out Arseg with a pay nearly triple what he was given to carry out the attack. Arseg turned on his squad, burning them to the ground.

Barlas uses Arseg on nearly all of his personal missions due to his pure, terror-inducing nature. Ragol's loss was devastating and his presence hasn't been seen on Omega in some time. Barlas' influence increased tenfold through a variety of planets where criminal activity could take place. Never wishing to cross the Shadow Broker or the Blood Pack, Barlas plays his cards carefully and conservatively. He has since moved his base of operation from Omega to an unknown area.

Barlas is currently looking to expand his network to smuggling and has had an ear on Mason Priest for awhile, but he always seems to get out of his grip before he can discuss business ventures with him. Barlas' tracking network has led him to the Citadel with Arseg, following the Rosa 2 closely behind.

Items in Possession:
Significant amount of credits
Basic spy devices

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