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Arseg the Pyromaniac Empty Arseg the Pyromaniac

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Arseg the Pyromaniac 250px-Vorcha
Name: Arseg
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Race / Species: Vorcha
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 138 lbs
Alignment: Renegade
Allegiance: Barlas Dol.

Appearance: His constant exposure to flame and fire has made his skin redder and blacker in tint. His eyes are crimson as his armor. He looks like he is charred.

Personality: A pyromaniac, with an emphasis on "pyro" and "maniac". The only one that has an ability to control him is Barlas, his boss and turned friend. No limits to his insanity. Will do anything to get the job done. Will work with whomever Barlas tells him to. Very short fused. Can be calm when he is with Barlas and needs to be tame as to not ruin the mission. Likes to listen to classical music, especially when going crazy on the battlefield. Speaks eloquently for a Vorcha outside of battle. During battle, he is a savage.

Class: Sentinel

Weapon Proficiency:

1 Assault Rifles
2 Shotguns

Grenade: Inferno Grenade
Cluster Grenade

Omni-Blade (optional): Dual omni-blades. Prefers to lunge towards enemies.


1 Flamer

2 Incinerate

3 Bloodlust

4 Fireshade Blades (like the Cabal Vanguard's Nightshade blades except instead of poison, it's fire)

5 Incendiary Ammo

Killing Machine - Due to his Bloodlust, Arseg essentially ignores all pain and his surroundings when he goes on a killing spree.

Maniac - Arseg is widely known as insane and has an easier time intimidating those of weaker fortitude in conversations. Has little to no regard for civil customs.

Fire and Physical Resistance - Being a Vorcha, his body has regenerated and adapted to fire and physical damage due to his self exposure to the former, and subjection to the latter from the Bite.

Arseg left Heshtok when his clan grew too large for their area. Omega was of constant discussion amongst those in his clan and became his target for his new life. His arrival was greeted by Krogan mercenaries, hired by the Omega Bite. The Krogan greeting of headbutts and brutality didn't bode well with Arseg.

Forced to work for the Bite, Arseg followed the typical life of a Vorcha subjected to being cannon fodder of gangs such as the Blood Pack. Arseg's rage was fueled by his hatred to his captors. At any sign of deviation from orders, he was beaten to a near pulp, ultimately strengthening his resolve against physical damage. He found a love for fire that turned to a sick obsession when he realized it's true power in striking fear into others.

Although a pyromaniac, Arseg feigned allegiance to the Bite to gain their trust. Ultimately, he was entrusted to carry out one of the deciding missions for the Bite: taking down Barlas Dol. At the end of the mission, he was offered an amount of credits too high to put in numbers. Without a hint of hesitation, Arseg turned on his companions and burned them alive, laughing maniacally as he did it.

Just as he loved fire, Arseg loved credits, and Barlas' credits could seemingly feed him forever. In the contrasting personalities of Barlas' conservatism and Arseg's pure insanity came an unlikely friendship and business venture. Barlas was the brains and the networker, Arseg burned anything that stood as an obstacle. Arseg was chosen to accompany Barlas in his pursuit of Mason Priest in their attempt to have him work with them to become one of the most impressive money making organizations in any galaxy.

Items in Possession: Anything that can be set on fire or create fire, Arseg has it.

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