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Ragol Nertan Telon10
Name: Ragol Nertan
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race / Species: Salarian
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 130 lbs
Alignment: Renegade
Allegiance: The Omega Bite, leader.
Never crosses the Blood Pack.

Appearance: Navy blue almost black eyes. Brown/greyish skin. Always has a stern look on his face.

Personality: Stoic, stern, cold, calculated and commanding. Doesn't accept failure. Has a deep hatred for Barlas Dol after he took out his best operatives with Arseg. Will hate anyone who works with Barlas Dol by extension. Has an equal or even deeper hatred for Arseg.

Class: Adept

Weapon Proficiency:

2 Heavy Pistol

Grenade: Cluster Grenade

Omni-Blade (optional): Instead of an omni-blade, Nertan uses a biotic blast.


1 Pull

2 Warp

3 Throw

4 Shockwave

5 Singularity

Biotic Mastery - Ragol has a deep connection with his biotic powers and uses them to influence others to work for him. Has a wide assortment of people working under him - Humans, Batarians, Krogans, Vorcha, and Drell. However, his troops are essentially the "rejects" of the Blood Pack. Has since begun to remove those who do not possess Biotic capabilities.

Clever - Has an ability to lay traps, whether they be physical or conversational for his enemies so they can become pawns in his plans.

High Intelligence - Ragol has had plenty of experience in the various research fields and thus has an impressive, almost encyclopedic type knowledge of many subjects.

Ragol's history is of a Salarian with high ambitions turned sour by the lure of power. His desire for knowledge led him down a path of a quenchless thirst. In his path of achieving more knowledge, Ragol learned how to manipulate others under his control and use his extensive command of knowledge to his advantage in furthering his career.

Ragol managed to gather a significant crew of people of a variety of species to work under him and get a foothold in minor systems in crimes such as money laundering, gun smuggling, and human trafficking. Ultimately, Ragol started work in Omega and formed the Omega Bite. Wary of never crossing the Blood Pack, Ragol made sure to create slight alliances early on and paid tribute to the Blood Pack to make sure they wouldn't be run out of the system. The Bite took control of areas in Omega that the Blood Pack couldn't stretch soldiers too, but collected a percentage of any credit earned in those sectors.

The easiest way for Ragol to gain new troops was to force new recruits into submission through physical torment. His network targeted new arrivals at Omega and brought them to him for work.

Ultimately Ragol saw a competitor in his sector: Barlas Dol. Ragol didn't realize it, but Barlas had been paying the Blood Pack more money than Ragol to let him sneak his way into the sector. When Ragol tried to run Barlas out, he failed. In a final attempt to remove Barlas with sheer force, the majority of his strongest fighters were slain by Arseg, his most feared employee.

Ragol had to hide himself and his few remaining employees. He has not been seen or heard from on major channels since Arseg's monumental betrayal, but there are no indicators that he has died. Although his location is uncertain, it is certain that he will be seeking revenge on Barlas and Arseg.

Items in Possession:
Hired hands
Secret technology he is developing

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