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Post by xshanex on Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:52 pm

Name: Weyrloc Ghash
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Race: Krogan
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 760lbs
Alignment: Renegade (Ruthless; willing to kill to meet his goals; dedicated until the money runs out)
Allegiance: Clan Weyrloc, Crew of The Rosa II (paid mercenary)

Appearance: Ghash's scaled plates are a dark black while the rest of his skin is a light tan. His eyes are a shade of amber. Ghash's armor is similar in form to the traditional Krogan battle armor in a shade of deep red upon the shoulder plates, forearm and shin guards while the rest remain black. Across the right shoulder, the white-painted skull brand of the Bloodpack is set.

Most notable on Ghash's appearance is the large scar from his head plate down across his right eye, as well as one across his broad neck.

Personality: Like most Krogan, Ghash is blunt, aggressive, and finds humor in the pain of others. That being said, he is also very devote to the causes of his Clan and, in his mind, to the Krogan race. If one earns his respect, it's expected that devotion could be extended to them. He feels little to nothing over the killing of others (though this may just be a facade) and regards battle as if it's just another aspect of life. Death is his job and business is booming. Unlike most Krogan, Ghash is not against the concept of looking before leaping, but plans that set him to do anything other than crush enemies annoy him. Ghash does not have much love for other races but specifically despises Turians and Salarians for their hands in the development of the Genophage.

Class: Soldier (known as Krogan Berserker)

Weapon Proficiency:

Assault Rifles

Grenade: Inferno Grenades

Omni-Blade: None. Ghash prefers his up-close damage done naturally.

1 Carnage

2 Fortification

3 Krogan Blood Rage

4 Krogan Regeneration

5 Berserker Charge

NO PAIN!: A Krogan berserker, through training, is naturally durable as they are used to getting up close and personal. Ghash is an entirely different breed, having most of his combat in hand-to-hand distance. Ghash can shrug off most damage, regenerate quickly, and never tire due to the Blood Rage. Unless he's put down from afar or sustains significant damage, Ghash will be a tank on the battlefield that will just keep rolling.

Wrecking ball: Ghash is physically powerful, even by Krogan standards. He is a melee machine, his headbutts, charges, and other strikes able to crush in a vast array of organic and synthetic lifeforms, even a small vehicle or two. If Ghash gains momentum, he's easily capable of making "new doors" into facilities.

Storytelling: Carrying on the tradition of oral storytelling of the Krogan race, Ghash is able to recount the legends and war stories of his people with great enthusiasm and detail.

History: Born into Clan Weyrloc on Tuchanka, Ghash was destined to be a member of the notorious Bloodpack. As a mercenary, Ghash grew a reputation for killing targets with his bare hands and the infamous Krogan blood rage. A true berserker, Ghash became a symbol of pride for his clan. Sent out by Weyrloc Chief Guld, Ghash joins the mission of The Rosa II to prove his worth against the Geth, and in secret, assess the capabilities of the races his clan will one day destroy.

Items in Possession:
Credit Chit (blank, used to store payments)

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