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Post by xshanex on Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:49 pm

Name: Mason Priest
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Alignment: Neutral (His job and methods of getting money are less-than-legal, but at the end of the day Priest reluctantly helps often with his illegal means.)
Allegiance: Crew of The Rosa II

Appearance: A slightly-pale Caucasian with scruffy mid-brown hair tucked under a dark brown cowboy hat and a similar beard. Hazel eyes. Wears a brown leather jacket with a patch of a red rose on the left chest-section. Wears a black undershirt and black combat pants.

In combat, Priest wears modified combat engineer armor covering his mid-section. He wears his same combat pants and boots, as well as his leather jacket over his mid-section armor. Priest wears a black combat hood with white lights, but still wears his cowboy hat over the hood.

Personality: Bravado is a key word when thinking about Mason Priest. He's confident in his abilities, if you want to call it that. His personality is infectious, many either wanting to believe him or give him second chances when things go wrong. The Cajun charm Priest possesses is the first thing picked up on when he enters a room. Unfortunately, his reputation tips a few of that potentially trusting Priest is a bad idea. While lying, cheating, and smuggling is how Priest has made a living, he has a strong inner-sense of honor and concern for others. He often donates money and supplies to those who need them and has gone out of his way to help others when it meant giving up on a job. Priest is sarcastic and often covers up any real emotional exposure with a joke. Growing up in the Terminus systems, Priest has no loyalty to the Alliance or the Council races. In fact, growing up in a place of near lawlessness has convinced Priest that any kind of "organized law" is a joke or a scheme to mindlessly control others. The only authority that matters in his head is the authority of a Captain over their ship.

Class: Engineer

Weapon Proficiency:

Heavy Pistols

1 Combat Drone

2 Overload

3 Sabotage

4 Cryo Blast

5 Incinerate

Heavy Weapon: None

Grenade: Arc Grenade

Omni-Blade: As opposed to the typical short-sword style of the standard omni-blade, Priest's features a smaller, thinner blade that protrudes down as if he was clutching a knife upside-down in his hand.

Silver Tongue: An endless supply of charisma and quick wit, Priest is talented in the use of words as weapons. Originally developed through telling tall tales, Priest is now able to lie in convincing detail in a matter of seconds, appearing as though he was just telling the truth. Trying to talk his way into or out of situations is always Priest's first and last resort.

"Piloting": Priest will claim to be the best pilot in the entire galaxy. That's not even close to true. If anything, he's a slightly above average pilot at best, but he's able to "drive the bus" from point a to point b and do so subtly. That's how he's been able to make so much money running weapons or whatever else he's been paid to sneak by the law.

Smuggling: Priest knows the law. More importantly, he knows how to get by the law and deliver illegal merchandise to clients. He knows the weaknesses in scanners and security perimeters and can exploit them to get by. He may be able to apply these skills in other scenarios.

"Ship Repair": Priest may be a combat engineer, but in terms of ship repair he's not a master. His knowledge of ship repair is just above chewing gum and duct tape, but he knows enough to keep his ship in the sky long enough to get it to a real repair location. He's a lot better at making things stop working than making them work again.

History: Born on Omega to parents from the Louisiana area on Earth, the near-lawless station in the Terminus system, Mason Priest began making a living selling stolen merchandise at a young age. As he grew older, Priest took his skills and ambitions to the stars as a smuggler for hire, using the advantage of his smaller ship "The Rosa" to slip by where larger cruisers would be spotted. While not famous throughout the entire galaxy, Priest became known well enough to attract a few continuous clients, one of them being a man named Powell on Eden Prime. Making a delivery, Priest was on Eden Prime as the Geth and their massive ship ascended on the colony. Upon his escape, Priest noted the face among the Geth: Saren, a council Spectre. Realizing that he's seen too much, Priest took off into the stars, hoping to leave the events of the day behind.

Items in Possession:

The Rosa II: Priest's ship, a small dark gray and red cruiser, is based upon hijacked Turian schematics like a bootlegged Normandy. Lacking the state of the art hardware that the Normandy has, The Rosa II depends more on the pilot's skill than radar cloaking, which is the reason it's the Rosa II and not just The Rosa. Things happen.


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